A recent study states that 72% of millennials prefer to be their own boss. In a business environment that increasingly relies on contractors instead of full time employees, it seems that the gig economy is only growing, and that millennials should lean into their entrepreneurial desires. The transition to freelance labor is not as scary as it used to be. Businesses appreciate working with freelancers because they can hire professionals with specific and specialized skill sets. Freelancers can make themselves more desirable by becoming an expert in something specific and watch the job opportunities grow. The question is choosing the right field to specialize in.


Uniforms in the Gig Economy


The uniform market has a surprising wealth of opportunity for freelance entrepreneurs. Selling uniforms in the modern market is a specialized skill that businesses will love to work with, yet it’s not difficult to learn or succeed in. If you want the freedom of controlling your own operation, you can be your own boss. One large and easy to break into marketplace is the medical practice, as they consistently require new uniforms. Let’s look at how you might start a business selling uniforms to healthcare prospects:


  • Identify customers –If you’re beginning your journey as a uniform seller, the first thing you’ll look for are customer prospects in your area. By focusing in on the medical field, you can narrow your search to hospitals, doctors, nurses, and similar staff.
  • Consider products – Medical personnel are an excellent category because their uniforms are so familiar. Your job will be to consider what uniform the customer needs. In this case scrubs, lab coats, clinic attire, and hospital apparel will be the usual products.
  • Name your brand – Freelance entrepreneurs have the fun responsibilities that come along with starting your own business. Deciding a business name is one important step. The right name can make you seem more professional, developed, and experienced; as with your website, business cards, and other promotional materials. As your own boss, you will get to be in charge of these things.
  • Find a contract – When you have customers identified, products in mind, and a professional image set, all that’s left is to find suppliers. In this case, you will be looking for uniform suppliers that can provide good medical apparel for your customers. Since you’ve already taken steps to be a specialized expert in your field, you’ll have no trouble finding quality suppliers that want to work with you.


Being your own boss and starting a new business is a dream for many young people today. If having a freelance uniform sales business sounds great to you, SmartBuY|TK can help you skip the beginning steps and start being your own boss right away.