Simplicity is the key to success, and that’s as true in the uniform industry as in any other. One of the greatest challenges to administering an employee apparel program is the difficulty of coordinating large numbers of accounts. Such programs typically allow each employee to create their own account, meaning the larger your clients’ operations, the more accounts you must manage. This makes it difficult for you to keep up with the essential information for each account.

Supervisor approval offers a simple solution to this complex problem. By allowing the employees’ supervisors to add, remove, and monitor workers who participate in the program, you reduce your own responsibilities while making it easier to coordinate the necessary information. In this way, you can make employee apparel programs simpler, more affordable, and more convenient for you and your clients alike.

Why Supervisor Approval is Superior

The problem with managing all employee accounts yourself isn’t just that you have to record a lot of information. You also have to make sure that information is accurate— no easy task when you aren’t directly involved in your client’s daily operations. Even if you painstakingly fill out each spreadsheet, check with clients to make sure the information is correct, and keep multiple records, there’s always a risk that you have gotten something wrong. And if this is the case, it may be months or even years before you catch the problem.

Supervisor approval radically reduces the risk of problems like these. By allowing supervisors to add, remove, and edit accounts for each employee, you give them the opportunity to:

  • Apply Their Knowledge– Supervisors must keep track of employee responsibilities and staffing changes anyway. They are thus less likely to make mistakes or leave anything out when adding or editing employee accounts.
  • Make Immediate Updates– When an employee joins your client’s organization, leaves it, or takes on new responsibilities, their supervisor will know immediately, and can change the relevant account without hesitation. This lowers the likelihood that you’ll ever be working with outdated information.
  • Tighten the Purse Strings– As an outside uniform provider, you don’t necessarily know how much money your clients are willing to spend on each employee’s gear, particularly for employees who have unique job descriptions. And with supervisor approval, you don’t have to know. Supervisors can keep track of how much their employees are spending and reign in that spending if they ever decide it’s too much.

There are many ways to organize supervisor approval. For smaller clients, you may choose to give one supervisor control over all employee accounts. For larger ones, you can put all of the supervisors in charge of every account; alternatively, you can give each supervisor control over the accounts of the specific employees they manage. As long as the arrangement you choose matches the client’s needs, such a program is likely to succeed.