Use the SmartBuy|TK Catalog to find products

The SmartBuy|TK catalog lists all the currently participating brands and their available SmartBuy products.

  • All products on this site serve a wide variety of industries and have solid stock levels to ensure quick availability.
  • Only products listed on the website should be included in a SmartBuy|TK web store.
  • SmartBuy|TK vendors are selected based on industries served, high volume, available inventory and consistent track record.
How it Works:
  • Search for a product that matches your requirements
  • Repeat this process for each category of products your customer requires
  • Item numbers have been set up for all products
  • Prices listed are the suggested customer prices for garment only
    • These prices reflect SmartBuy|TKs retail pricing to the customer
    • Your SmartBuy|TK Member commission is based on these prices
    • A discount may be offered to your customer after you review proposed pricing with SmartBuy|TK