Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to question you or your customers may have

Looking for training?

The Smart Guide offers a SmartBuy|TK member a great introduction to selling Employee Apparel Programs and the SmartBuy|TK approach.

How do I order a new webstore for a customer?

We have provided an Excel template that covers all the information we will need to get your customer up and running with a SmartBuy|TK online store.

Are there demo webstores I can show my prospects and customers?

Here are two links for you to share with your prospects and customers:

Medical Demo

Restaurant Demo

If you would like us to help you run an online meeting where we can demonstrate all the functions to your prospect or customer, please let us know. We are happy to help!

We do not currently charge setup or maintenance fees.

No rental, purchasing or other business is required for you to offer your prospects or customers a way to purchase employee apparel from you through your SmartBuy|TK account.,

Returns are handled on a case-by-case basis. As always, we are committed to doing what is right for the customer. If the garment is returnable, we will process back to supplier with an RA#.

Most orders are shipped within 14 business days. Weekends are not considered business days and do not count toward the 14 days.

We can either add them in for you or your HR/Purchasing department can add users in the SmartBuy|TK Admin portal.

Yes. For example a company switch to offer an employee allowance dollar amount and then the user can pay for anything above that on a personal credit card.

All credit card payments are secured and processed through Trustwave®

We normally don’t charge for the logo setup for SmartBuy|TK stores.

You and customer can arrange for sizing events if the sales volume warrants it. You as the SmartBuy|TK member will need to staff the event. If garments are needed for a sizing event, SmartBuy|TK will work to get the proper styles, sizes, colors and quantities for the event.

There may be a charge to the customer for the sample size run. The benefit is that the customer can keep these on hand for new employees who may want to try on garments before an order is placed.  Please note: We do not accept returns for wrong sizes if a sizing event has taken place prior.

We can setup a flat shipping rate per garment or per dollar amount (custom).  Depending on how high the volume is, we can pass along reduced shipping rates or possibly “free” shipping if the orders are sent in bulk.

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