As a restaurant equipment supplier, you know well the many challenges for success in the food business. From cleanliness issues to fire risks to slip and fall hazards, there are many problems that can disrupt a kitchen and send customers home in disgust. Your job is to anticipate all of these issues and help your clients prevent or address them. The easier you make it for restaurants to operate cleanly and efficiently, the more likely you are to succeed. By expanding your business to sell uniforms as well as equipment, you meet customers needs and increase both your chances of success and theirs.

The Role of Restaurant Uniforms

To understand just how profitable selling uniforms can be, consider all the roles that uniforms play in a typical kitchen. Employees who work at restaurants need quality gear to keep themselves clean and avoid creating sanitation issues. Uniforms also help employees stay safe, whether by leaving little clothing that can catch fire or by reducing the risk that someone will slip if they have to quickly cross the kitchen. For this reason, virtually all your food service clients require their employees to wear uniforms. If you can provide new gear that is better or cheaper than what your clients currently use, you will secure their business for the long haul.

For all the benefits of selling uniforms, restaurant equipment suppliers are often hesitant to do it due to the complexity of this activity. Coordinating uniform selections and shipments is no easy task, especially if your clients need those uniforms to be customized. But you can simplify the process through:

  • Employee Purchase Programs– By convincing clients to assign a consistent set of uniforms to their employees and have those employees order them from you, you can bring in a large pool of customers with minimal effort on your part.
  • Online Ordering– When you set up a website for uniform orders, you allow clients to order them without directly contacting your staff. This keeps your administrative workload to a minimum, so that you can expand into uniform sales without losing much time or money. You can also set up a feature on your website for customers to request embroidering and other changes to the gear, ensuring that there is no barrier to customizing your uniforms.
  • Streamlined Shipping– By working with your carriers, you can get them to ship out each new order from your website automatically. This further lowers the administrative workload on your end and increases the chance that customers will get their new gear without delay.