“I’ve identified my market. What now?” This is a common question for new uniform businesses that are struggling to get off the ground. The first step in founding such a business is to assess how much demand there is in your area for uniforms. But once you’ve made that assessment, it isn’t easy to turn it into useful sales information. You may know the number of companies in your region that could use uniforms, but how many of them still don’t have gear and are ready to buy? To turn market identification into practical sales, you need to look for willing customers, and that means:

Checking the Directories

In many communities, local business organizations, telephone directories, trade shows, and other organizations and events will publish directories of all the businesses in the area. Such directories often contain specific information on those businesses, which can be used to determine what they do, how many employees they have, and when they were founded. With these resources, you can identify companies that likely need uniforms but do not currently have them, or that may soon need to expand their uniform orders. You can then contact these organizations directly and pitch your gear to them.

Turning to Google

In addition to published directories, Google and other search engines offer free information on virtually any modern business. Such engines allow you to specify what geographical regions you are searching in, as well as any other parameters that affect whether you can viably sell to a company. Search for any organizations in your area that have uniform needs you can meet, and target them in your sales. Focus on companies that were founded recently or that are expanding rapidly, as they are especially likely to have unmet demand for gear.

Navigate the Networks

Although you can make some initial sales by simply looking up businesses and pitching to them, the most valuable clients are those you meet organically. When you make direct contact with other business leaders in your community, listen to their needs and desires, and earn their trust, you will be in a strong position to start selling your gear. But this requires mastering the art of business networking.

Networking effectively begins with talking to your friends, relatives, and school contacts. Ask them if they know anyone who is looking to purchase uniforms, and if so, get them to put you in touch. With the help of a personal connection, you’ll have an easier time earning the clients’ trust.

Besides leveraging personal connections, start attending trade shows and other business events in your area. Connect with as many people as possible, and follow up with anyone who expresses interest in your business. If you play your cards right, it won’t be long before you earn widespread respect and recognition in your community.


To learn more about identifying your market, pursuing business prospects, and otherwise building a profitable uniform business, take a look at SmartBuy|TK today.