When appealing to business clients, your No. 1 goal should be to make their lives easier. Modern companies have no end of worries; they need to watch out for safety liabilities, cleanliness concerns, and competition from all over the globe, to name just a few issues. If you can help them address these problems, your clients will be grateful to work with you, and won’t stop coming back. As a uniform seller, you have a unique opportunity to relieve the burdens that your customers face. By paying attention to uniform performance features, you ease your clients’ worries not only over apparel, but also over a wide range of other issues.

What is Uniform Performance & Why Does It Matter?

Uniform performance refers to how well uniforms achieve their key purposes. Depending on what uniforms you sell and what your clients use them for, these purposes can include:

  • Visual Appeal– Uniforms can help employees appear attractive and inviting. They can also complement a company’s brand, sporting similar colors and designs to those used in logos and other promotional materials.
  • Comfort– Quality uniforms allow employees to feel comfortable and relaxed under even the most stressful working environments. But if uniforms are too tight, too hot, or too itchy, they distract and irritate workers.
  • Safety– Uniforms can both create and solve safety issues. Clothing that allows its wearer to move around flexibly and shoes with plenty of traction help to prevent workers from slipping, falling, or otherwise injuring themselves. Uniforms can also be flame retardant, chemical resistant, or otherwise capable of protecting against severe hazards. By contrast, uniforms that are highly flammable, that restrict employees’ movements, or that have hanging or dangling pieces put workers at risk.
  • Functionality– Uniforms have the potential to enhance job functions. If an employee needs to carry lots of equipment and parts with them, for example, a uniform with lots of pockets that are easy to open will make their work easier.

Each of these performance features is immensely important to your clients. Visual appeal helps bring in more customers, while comfort leads employees to be more productive and value their jobs. Safety not only prevents liabilities, but also reduces turnover and helps workers feel better about their jobs. And of course, any uniform that helps employees carry out job functions will make a workplace substantially more productive.

In some industries, the benefits of uniform performance can go beyond higher productivity and fewer liabilities. When employees have to work with chemicals or flames, their employers are often legally required to take every reasonable step to protect them, including outfitting them with uniforms that help them stay safe. By providing such uniforms at an affordable cost, you help your clients uphold their legal requirements. In this way, you may protect them from serious regulatory and legal trouble, making it easier for them to stay in business over the long haul.