Do you dream of being your own boss? Maybe you’re working a day job you don’t completely love while fantasizing about starting your own business, making money on your terms, and having more control over your time. All these goals are not only possible – they’re very realistic! Today it’s easier than ever to be your own boss. There are so many ways to get started. Let’s explore why now is the right time to take the plunge:


The benefits outweigh the downsides


Everything you’ve heard about being an entrepreneur is true. Being your own boss is greatly rewarding in many ways. There’s no more reporting to a supervisor or higher up, you set your own deadlines, and you control your income instead of waiting for a raise. While this is all amazing, being your own boss can be difficult. For example, you are completely in control so you need to keep yourself accountable. But once you gain confidence and figure the details out, the pros of being your own boss will definitely outweigh the cons.


Why You Haven’t Started Yet


Knowing how awesome being your own boss is sometimes isn’t enough motivation to actually get started. Fear of failure can be a big reason people don’t try. Starting your own business doesn’t have to be as scary or risky as most people assume. There are ways you can protect yourself. For example, you should create a detailed business plan, know your target audience, and carefully research your financial situation before making final deals. Networking is a great way to find a supportive community to help you in the beginning, and utilizing social media or promotional mediums will help you grow. Making sure you plan carefully, find a support network, and do lots of research will minimize risk of starting.


Financial Misconception


The other biggest reason people don’t start is the misconception that you need lots of money.  This simply isn’t true. There are lots of entrepreneurs and small business owners that never went to business school and haven’t gone into debt starting their business. In the book “The $100 Startup”, writer Chris Guillebeau shows many examples of people starting their dream businesses with very little money. Success doesn’t happen overnight, but it is definitely possible. If you have the right skills and passion, you can get started this very minute. For example, web design, writing, consulting, and many other fields only require a computer and wifi connection to begin.


A Simple Solution


If you desperately want to be your own boss, but don’t have a business idea, SmartBuy|TK offers a simple turnkey way to have your own small business selling custom apparel to local companies. SmartBuy|TK supplies the product, customers, and industry knowledge – allowing you to start working as your own boss straight away without having to wait for your business to grow.