SmartBuy|TK Member Sales

SmartBuy|Member Sales are defined as those sales orders generated exclusively via a Member’s general site or a Member managed customer custom site. The products, services and pricing within the Member managed customer custom sites are specific to each customer. In order to qualify for commission, a Member must have been the primary origin for developing the web store for the customer. 

The following payment statutes also apply:

  • Commission for first time and repeat SmartBuy|Member sales orders will be paid at a rate from eight percent (8%) to ten percent (10%) of the gross sale price of the goods before taxes beginning with the initial orders.
  • Pricing will be set and approved by the SmartBuy|TK. A Member requesting special pricing for an item must gain approval from SmartBuy|TK.
  • Commission will be paid on a monthly basis by calculating the total sales order volume of each customer site. Total sales order volume will include only those orders that have been paid in full by the customer.
  • A commission variance report will be available in the Member Portal
  • A list of stores including the account name and Member name will be available
  • Each month a report will be published to the Member indicating what commissions will be paid (will include Member name, store and dollar amount paid)
  • In order to get prompt payments, you must have the customer who is responsible for paying invoices pay in full in the case of credit extension.
  • A Member must be in good standing per the Member Agreement and assigned to the site on the last day of a month to receive commission for that month.