Stay in contact and manage your accounts

SmartBuy|TK Member Customer Management

1. Look for OpportunitiesIt is your responsibility to oversee the management of your customers’ web store future needs and look for opportunities to increase sales in those individual stores. You must stay in contact with the customer to make sure they are satisfied and to keep them engaged and informed.

  • When the store goes live, send them the introductory email Include the "How to Guide." See "How-To Guide" sample.
    Note: You should edit the fields before sending to the customer.
  • Set up quarterly meetings with the customer
    - Check in and see how the store and process is working
    - Document the opportunity and activities for a follow-up meeting
  • Check sales of the store to discuss with the customer 
    Web Store Reports are available on Sharepoint.
  • Find out if there are additional sales opportunities, such as: 
    - Special events
    - Community events
    - Opportunities to add more products to current store
    - Employee incentive gifts
    - Additional department needs
  • Describe any new features and/or enhancements to the platform or admin portal

2. Make Web Store Changes/Additions 
To remove or add products to your customer’s web store, please submit a web store change order.

If the changes are simple:Send an email outlining the requested changes to Please be as detailed as possible.

If the changes are numerous or complicated:

  1. As for a Catalog Validation Report
  2. We will send you an Excel export of all the products
  3. Add notes next to the items to Drop or Change
  4. Add new rows to add products
  5. Highlight in yellow all the items that were changed

Save and send Change Order to