The gig economy seems to be the way of the future. It is now estimated about 34 percent of the workforce is part of the gig economy – and that’s expected to rise to 43 percent by 2020. There are more than 57 million freelancers in the U.S., contributing nearly $1.4 trillion to the economy every year. With so many freelancers today, how can new workers find gigs? If you’re applying to highly popular gigs, you have to promote yourself well and hope to set yourself apart from the pack. A smarter option is to find different, less saturated gig opportunities where you can get in on the ground floor. The uniform sales market is an example of an industry with new opportunities for freelance work. If you’re looking to get involved in the gig community but feel overwhelmed with too many competitive freelancers, starting your own freelance uniform sales career could be a perfect solution.


How to get started


The most appealing qualities of freelance work for most people are independence, flexible schedule, and more control over your career. Starting a freelance uniform sales business is a great way to be your own boss.

Here’s how to begin:


  • You need customers. A good example of people who might want to purchase uniforms and apparel are construction workers. You can start by looking around your neighborhood, city, area for construction and industrial workers wearing uniforms.
  • You need a market. Next you should consider the kinds of uniforms and apparel those construction/industrial customers will want. This could include work shirts, coveralls, and safety vests for construction workers. Electricians, plumbers, HVAC, and other industrials also need apparel, which you can supply.
  • You need a name. To do official business, your business will need a name. Since you are completely in control of your freelance business, you get to decide everything from the name to the website to the promotional materials.
  • You need a supplier. Every market is based on supply and demand. Now that you’ve figured out your customer, narrowed down products they want, and decided your business details, the last step is connecting with an apparel supplier. They provide the uniforms and merchandise you will sell.


In a world with less traditional work opportunities, and almost too many freelancers, there has to be a smarter way to get a gig. The steps outlined above will lead you to have your own freelance business, be your own boss, and have a great gig other freelancers will be jealous of. But there’s an even smarter, faster way to get this done – SmartBuy|TK.