The key to success for any business is to take advantage of all viable opportunities for growth, no matter where they arise. Laundries are no exception, which is why they are always on the lookout for ways to diversify their operations and expand their revenues. Notably, laundries have a long history of leasing and renting uniforms, along with mats, rags, and other valuable items. By understanding the benefits and limits of these rental programs, your laundry can further expand its rental programs, expanding into logo’d uniforms and apparel without skipping a beat.

The Prospects & Pitfalls of Laundry Rentals

Laundries have long since realized the myriad benefits of selling and renting uniforms to their clients. Not only does this provide an extra stream of revenue, but it allows them to diversify their business and thus weather changes in the market more effectively. Consumer demand for laundry services changes based on economic growth patterns, the number of people who buy their own laundry machines, and other factors. But the demand for uniforms changes for different reasons and at different times. Thus a laundry that provides both uniforms and cleaning is more likely to remain profitable than one that merely washes clothes.

For all the benefits of selling and renting uniforms, laundries that try to do this face some serious challenges, especially if the apparel they offer is logo’d. In order to buy, sell, and rent such items, laundries have to:

  • Load Up on Inventory– Laundries that sell or rent uniforms have to keep them in stock, which requires using up space that otherwise could have held washers and dryers.
  • Process Orders– Whether they’re selling or renting, laundries must process each order. This requires investing in POS devices, as well as following up on any customers who haven’t paid or claim they didn’t get what they want. It also means coordinating carriers’ activities.
  • Divert Employees– Whether for processing orders, working with carriers, or keeping track of inventory, laundries have to assign employees who could otherwise have worked on other tasks. This raises their labor costs while increasing the risk that they won’t have enough people on staff to handle emergencies that arise.

These issues constitute a serious obstacle to selling and renting apparel, leading laundries to pass up what would otherwise be a valuable business opportunity. But with the aid of Smart Buy|TK, your laundry can enter the uniform business without facing serious labor costs, inventory challenges, or shipping problems. Our team can help you organize Employee Apparel Programs, or programs where you help clients assign a consistent set of uniforms for their staff. This simplifies the billing and shipping process, so that you can begin distributing logo’d apparel with little increase in cost or effort. We can also coordinate drop ship programs and other initiatives that make selling and renting uniforms easy and inexpensive.