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SmartBuy|TK Helps Promotional Product Distributors Sell Uniforms, Workwear and Employee Apparel.

There are no costs to being a SmartBuy|TK Member, only benefits.

We provide a turnkey set of services for you to sell employee apparel programs.

No investment, no inventory, no hassle…
SmartBuy|TK has it all covered.

Product Access

As a TK Member, you will have access to thousands of uniforms and work apparel you can sell in your area.

Managed Service

SmartBuy|TK provides the products, with optional embroidery. We fulfill the orders and manage the billing.

Success Tools

Inside your TK Member Portal are sales materials, account management tools and earnings reports.

Promotional Product Potential: Your Guide To Making Money From Uniform Sales

Success in business is all about pursuing opportunities, but some opportunities aren’t so easy to take advantage of. Promotional products distributors know this problem well. If you sell promotional products, you likely work with customers who regularly use uniforms. But because of the high cost and complexity of broad uniform sales, you may not think it’s worthwhile to start selling them gear. By adopting online sales with automatic shipping, you can get involved in the uniform market while facing little increase in cost or hassle.

The Potential & Pitfalls of Uniform Sales

As a distributor of promotional products, odds are you work with a wide range of clients who either wear uniforms themselves or have employees who do. Such clients range from hospitals and clinics to restaurants and hotels to schools and universities to retail stores and dealerships. In every case, your clients benefit from the visibility and convenience of uniforms; in many, quality uniforms also play a critical role in sanitation and safety.

The Key To Selling Uniforms: Take All Orders, No Matter Their Size

As a uniform supplier, you know better than anyone else that each client is unique. That uniqueness is strongly reflected not only in the type of apparel they order, but in how they go about ordering it. Some clients prefer to place regular bulk orders for a specific set of uniforms; others place occasional orders with different types of clothes each time; and still others leave it up to individual employees to order uniforms. Your job is to cater to these and all other uniform ordering preferences. The better you accommodate each client’s specific way of ordering, the more valuable you will be to them, leading them to trust you for all their apparel needs.

The Importance of Accommodating Sales of All Sizes

Accepting sales of all sizes is part and parcel of any strategy to put your customers in the driver’s seat. Each client has their own unique uniform needs, and has to decide for themselves the best way to meet them. By taking all order sizes, you send a message that you respect the choices they have made and want to support them all the way.

Optimal Outsourcing: Why Promotional Product Distributors Contract Out Employee Apparel Programs

When it comes to selling employee apparel, promotional product distributors can’t be beat. No one has a better track record of selling large loads of uniforms and gear to a wide variety of companies for years on end. For many, it comes as a surprise to learn that these companies stock little or no gear of their own. Instead, they coordinate shipments from third parties, thereby separating the actual stocking and shipping process from sales coordination. By understanding why and how promotional product distributors do this, you can comprehend one of the greatest secrets to efficiency and success in the employee apparel industry.

Working with Other Warehouses

To obtain all the uniforms and gear they need, promotional product distributors find suppliers and shippers they trust and develop a working relationship with them.

Apparel Brands That Mean Business

SmartBuy|TK offers uniforms, scrubs and work apparel from leading brands.

  • VF Imagewear
  • Edwards Garment
  • Bulwark
  • Red Kap
  • Landau
  • Gildan
  • Nike
  • Port Authority
  • Hanes
  • Uncommon Threads
  • and others

Complete Embroidery Services Included

SmartBuy|TK handles all custom apparel decoration requirements. Employees look great and are easily identified with their names or company logos

  • Embroidery options
  • Include names, titles and locations
  • Logo digitizing and direct application
  • Add emblems to garments

Turnkey Order Management

SmartBuy|TK provides end-to-end online ordering, shipping and order tracking. You will have a dashboard to manage your customers and track their orders.

  • Employee shoppers can be pre-loaded or self-register
  • Supervisors can manage their own employees
  • Orders flow directly to warehouse
  • Embroidery handled automatically
  • Products shipped to company or directly to shoppers
  • Online shopper accounts can view and track orders
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