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SmartBuy|TK Helps Linen and Laundry Companies Sell Uniforms, Workwear and Employee Apparel.

There are no costs to being a SmartBuy|TK Member, only benefits.

We provide a turnkey set of services for you to sell employee apparel programs.

No investment, no inventory, no hassle…
SmartBuy|TK has it all covered.

Product Access

As a TK Member, you will have access to thousands of uniforms and work apparel you can sell in your area.

Managed Service

SmartBuy|TK provides the products, with optional embroidery. We fulfill the orders and manage the billing.

Success Tools

Inside your TK Member Portal are sales materials, account management tools and earnings reports.

Rental Laundries Can Sell Apparel Without Any Headaches

The key to success for any business is to take advantage of all viable opportunities for growth, no matter where they arise. Laundries are no exception, which is why they are always on the lookout for ways to diversify their operations and expand their revenues. Notably, laundries have a long history of leasing and renting uniforms, along with mats, rags, and other valuable items. By understanding the benefits and limits of these rental programs, your laundry can further expand its rental programs, expanding into logo’d uniforms and apparel without skipping a beat.

The Prospects & Pitfalls of Laundry Rentals

Laundries have long since realized the myriad benefits of selling and renting uniforms to their clients. Not only does this provide an extra stream of revenue, but it allows them to diversify their business and thus weather changes in the market more effectively. Consumer demand for laundry services changes based on economic growth patterns, the number of people who buy their own laundry machines, and other factors. But the demand for uniforms changes for different reasons and at different times. Thus a laundry that provides both uniforms and cleaning is more likely to remain profitable than one that merely washes clothes.

Linen and Laundry Companies Soar Using SmartBuy|TK's Drop Ship Program

For all the benefits of selling a uniform and employee apparel programs, they create extra responsibilities for you and your staff. Chief among these is the need to keep track of large amounts of inventory at all times so that you can outfit your clients’ entire workplaces with the necessary gear. Storing this inventory, monitoring it, and keeping it safe from various forms of damage and degradation doesn’t come cheap.

In addition to handling inventory, you’ll need to answer clients’ questions about their orders. This requires devoting employees to talking with clients on the phone, as well as with manufacturers, carriers, and all others involved in the uniform production and distribution process. Combined with the need to pick, pack, and ship gear, this can severely impair both your budget and your flexibility.

The Benefits of a Drop Ship Program

Drop ship programs eliminate many of the issues associated with employee apparel strategies.

How Linen and Laundry Companies Can Benefit From Selling & Renting Uniforms

A Rise in Dual Sales & Rental Services

In recent years, it has become increasingly common for customers that rent uniforms and gear from their laundries to ask for a chance to purchase them as well. After wearing the laundry or linen service’s medical scrubs, cooking apparel, lab coats, or other workplace paraphernalia and having good experiences, these companies decide that it would be better to own those items outright. If the laundry is willing to sell them, they can earn higher profits while offering the customer a chance to save money over the long haul.

Not only are customers demanding that laundries sell them uniforms they had been renting, but many laundries are beginning to offer this of their own accord. Whether they originally rented uniforms or sold them, laundry and linen services increasingly believe it is in their interests to do both.

Apparel Brands That Mean Business

SmartBuy|TK offers uniforms, scrubs and work apparel from leading brands.

  • VF Imagewear
  • Edwards Garment
  • Bulwark
  • Red Kap
  • Landau
  • Gildan
  • Nike
  • Port Authority
  • Hanes
  • Uncommon Threads
  • and others

Complete Embroidery Services Included

SmartBuy|TK handles all custom apparel decoration requirements. Employees look great and are easily identified with their names or company logos

  • Embroidery options
  • Include names, titles and locations
  • Logo digitizing and direct application
  • Add emblems to garments

Turnkey Order Management

SmartBuy|TK provides end-to-end online ordering, shipping and order tracking. You will have a dashboard to manage your customers and track their orders.

  • Employee shoppers can be pre-loaded or self-register
  • Supervisors can manage their own employees
  • Orders flow directly to warehouse
  • Embroidery handled automatically
  • Products shipped to company or directly to shoppers
  • Online shopper accounts can view and track orders
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