Success in the uniform business or any other industry is all about appealing to the right customers. This is particularly true if you’re trying to start an employee apparel program, or an initiative where clients assign a consistent set of uniforms for their workers. With such a program in place, you’ll enjoy smooth sales at high volume with little ongoing effort on your end. But not all clients will be interested in this uniform strategy. Only by identifying and pitching to the right companies can you get large numbers of clients to adopt employee apparel programs. To do this, you must:

Keep an Eye on Local Apparel

The first step to finding clients who will be interested in an employee apparel program is to open your eyes to how businesses and organizations in your area use uniforms. Whether you’re at a local business event, conducting market research, or simply shopping, look for workers who wear logo’d apparel. Whenever you find someone who is, figure out what organization they work for and visit them to see if most of the staff dresses that way. If they do, it’s a sign that the organization is interested in adopting a strict dress code.

You might assume organizations whose employees are dressing consistently already have an employee apparel program in place. But many of these firms have not established an organized system for assigning, ordering, and paying for uniforms, instead relying on haphazard, ad hoc methods. It will thus be easy for you to sell an employee apparel program to them. You can present it as a more efficient way of doing what they’re already doing, allowing them to achieve the same ends at lower costs and with fewer mistakes. Few clients will pass up such an opportunity.

Investigate through the Internet

Although looking for employees with logo’d uniforms will help you find prospects, you don’t necessarily know where to look. Especially if you operate in a big city, there may be organizations near you that can use employee apparel programs, but whose employees you have never seen. You can use the Internet to look up such firms in your area and give them a visit. Pay attention to companies that are especially likely to want employee apparel programs, such as:

  • Medical Facilities– Uniforms play a big part in sanitation for hospitals and clinics. With an employee apparel program, these facilities can keep every member of their staff equally clean.
  • Industrial Operations– Factories and other industrial facilities use uniforms to keep their workers safe. They value apparel programs because they ensure that all employees enjoy the same safety standards.
  • Hospitality Companies– Hotels, tourism agencies, and other hospitality businesses use uniforms to distinguish their employees from guests. This means uniforms have to be consistent for all employees; there’s no better way to achieve this than with an apparel program.