In today’s gig economy, many of us have an extra job on the weekends or a gig to do at nights. It’s easier than ever to get some extra income. You could drive for Uber. Help someone move through Task Rabbit. Or search for projects on


And there’s another way you probably haven’t heard about yet, but definitely worth considering. Selling uniforms, scrubs, and employee apparel programs in your area. Demand is high, and luckily there’s a company that makes it extremely easy for you. You can have your own freelance business and be your own boss though using our program and services. So how can you get started today?


1. Product basics


The product side of things is simple. Shirts, pants, aprons – clothes that get the job done. The key to selling them is learning a few basics. Maybe you don’t have experience with uniforms up close, but you know they’re easy to understand. Or maybe you already know uniforms really well and you’re looking for a better way to sell in your area. Whichever case, we can prepare you to start or improve a uniform selling business.


2. Market Place


The next step is taking a look around your neighborhood. Your goal is not to sell uniforms to random strangers online; you’re going to stay local and fill the demand already at your doorstep. The possibilities are almost endless: doctor’s offices need new scrubs, construction companies need coveralls, restaurants need aprons, service companies need polo shirts with their names printed on them. It won’t be hard to find customers both online and in person once you begin.


3. Freelance Business


We promise to educate, support, and enable you to sell apparel. All you have to do is plan out your freelance business – with our support. We supply the information and web service, you focus on selling employee apparel programs to companies in your area. Or use our expertise to sell your pre-existing programs better, cheaper, and faster. No matter which level you’re coming from, your sales will be improved.


4. You’re Ready to Start


We provide dedicated websites for free so you can focus on managing your customers. We’re offering a turnkey, no cost solution with a low set commission. There are no surprises from our end. We pledge to supply helpful, free information and helpful services. We are an experienced team with a new approach to an old market. The supply is high, the demand is tremendous, and you can easily jump in and start making extra income.