Gather pertinent information

During the in-person appointment, you are going to gather as much information as possible to help you get closer to a sale when you do the final presentation.

You will need to follow the pre-call planning steps again to be prepared for the appointment

  • Based on your initial conversation with the customer, make some estimated guesses around their needs and how you will provide a solution
  • Build off your initial conversation during this meeting – remind them what you said on the initial phone call to secure the appointment
  • Thank them for their time
  • Set the Agenda and ask if you can take notes during the meeting
  • Have your laptop ready to show the prospect the demo websites and to reaffirm these value points for the customer:
    • SmartBuy|TK web stores are efficient and easy-to-use
    • Customized for your business needs
    • Prices are preset
    • Employees only see their approved apparel
    • Complete control over the ordering process
    • Dedicated customer service team to help you use effectively
    • Relieves the frustration they have with their uniform program

Performing a needs analysis

Find out as much information as possible. Have the Needs Analysis for EAP available as a reference during the meeting.

  • What is the golden nugget of pain?
  • What questions are you going to ask?
  • Do you have branded apparel?
  • What departments wear branded apparel?
  • Are your employees mandated to wear branded apparel to work?
  • Do you have a budget for branded apparel? Is that budget annual, bi-annual, other?
  • How do you purchase uniforms for employees today?
  • Identify the following:
    • Business objectives - growth of company, advertising, lowering employee turnover, adding employee benefit, brand identity
    • Buying motives - image, security, competitive advantage
    • Key decision maker - their process and who is responsible for signing the agreement
  • Find out who pays for the program - employee/company or a split pay program
    • Identify what their current program looks like or what they are doing today (how it works, what garments employees wear, pricing details, frequency of purchases)
    • Get samples if you can and if applicable

Download Needs Analysis PDF: