Be mindful of how you communicate

Whether you’re on the phone or at a business location, your goal is to establish a rapport.

  • Be genuine and get down to business
  • Ask qualifying questions to determine if a prospect is right for an employee apparel program
  •  Use your interest creating statement to talk to them about your company, products and services and how your can help them.
  • Have industry references available if you need to “name drop”
    • "Like-size" business references
    • Geographic references – we service XYZ company next door to you or down the street
  • Solidify who you will meet with and how they impact the decision making process. Which one of these are they?
    • Coach
    • Information Gatherer
    • Displaced Decision Maker
    • Decision Maker
  • Depending on the outcome of the call, you should/can email them a follow up
    • Thanks and see your on Tuesday
    • Thanks and I will follow up so we can set a time to meet