They say “don’t sweat the small stuff,” but when selling uniforms, the small stuff can be critical. Color is a powerful example of how important small details can be. You might think the shade you choose for your apparel is a minor matter, but it has a powerful effect on your clients. It is thus essential that you emphasize this facet of your uniforms and pay close attention to how it affects customers. By understanding the role that color plays and selecting the best possible shade for your gear, you can make the most of the uniforms you sell:

Why are Colors Important?

Colors play a number of critical roles in the way your clients use their uniforms. Among these roles are:

  • Brand Consistency– Many companies use a certain set of colors in their logos and other promotional materials. By choosing uniforms with the same color pattern, they can create a consistent brand image, and thus benefit fully from any positive associations that consumers have with their brands.
  • Safety & Visibility– In dangerous fields like construction and warehousing, managers need to monitor their employees. Uniforms that come in bright or distinct colors make it easier to identify employees wherever they are. As a result, managers have no trouble keeping them out of harm’s way.
  • Customer Convenience– Customers don’t want to waste time and energy looking for employees and distinguishing them from other customers. They need to be able to identify who the staff members are and what specific roles they play at a moment’s notice. Uniforms that distinguish employees from customers make it easy to do this.
  • Ranking Recognition– Different colors can distinguish employees at different levels of authority. As a result, workers will have an easier time remembering whom they have to answer to and, if applicable, whom they are responsible for supervising.

Clients have always found creative ways to meet their business needs with colorful uniforms. By understanding the roles color plays, you can more effectively cater your uniforms to them.

Why is Color Selection Important?

Catering to clients with color means giving them a wide selection of color choices, as well as the ability to mix and match those choices. Clients’ uniform preferences change all the time, and a customer may decide that they need to introduce a new color or pattern into the mix. If you offer uniforms in a range of different shades, you give them the flexibility to make these changes whenever they are necessary.

For best results, offer clients the ability to compare different colors for each uniform online. You can set up a tool on your website where a client can first click on a uniform and then select a color; the tool will show them what the uniform looks like in that color. This gives clients all the information they need to make effective color choices.