When starting a new uniform company, never underestimate the importance of branding. Establishing a strong brand isn’t just about making yourself look good. It also plays a critical role in creating a convenient shopping experience for your clients. Customers have a difficult time remembering all the options they have to meet their needs, whether as businesses or as individuals. This is a particularly serious problem with uniforms, which often appear the same at first glance, but actually differ considerably depending on where they come from. To help your new clients understand this difference and keep track of what makes you unique, you need to establish a strong brand from the start. That begins with:

Choosing a Name & Logo

Your company’s name is the bedrock of its brand, so don’t cut corners in picking one. Choose something that is catchy, attractive, and directly related to the uniforms you sell. Ideally, your company name should also be easy to spell and pronounce, because this will make it easier for customers to remember it. If possible, choose a name that carries cultural resonance in the community where you live, as this will make you appear more authentic in the eyes of your clients.

Besides the name, come up with a logo for your company. It also needs to be attractive and easy to remember, and it should be closely connected to your gear. In general, the simpler your logo is, the better. Complicated or intricate logos can be confusing and hard to remember, and thus risk turning off customers.

Set Up a Site

Having chosen a name and logo, you’re ready to set up a website that will bear them. Make sure that your logo is easily visible on your website and that the name appears both in the URL and at the top of each page. Then fill the site out with descriptions of your products, with a particular focus on gear that is in high demand in your area. After making sure you have listed all your important gear, you can fill the website out with an About US page, blog posts, and other writings that make it clear who you are and what your story is.

Navigate the Networks

With a site in place and a memorable name to give, you’re ready to begin networking. Attend business conferences and other events in your area, and talk to as many potential clients, suppliers, and other prospects as possible. You may want to pass out business cards in the process; these should display your name and logo prominently, as well as key contact information and a brief description of what you do. Whenever you communicate with a prospect, keep your skill at selling uniforms front and center in the conversation. It won’t be long before referrals start rolling in.